The AbFab guide to being fabulous

Frightfully fabulous - champagne already imbibed intravenously.
Frightfully fabulous – champagne already imbibed intravenously.

Today I would like to pay tribute to the twosome who have absolutely set the bar for fabulousness. Yes, ladies (and gentlemen if there are any of you), I give you Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone. Who else? The stars of Absolutely Fabulous are in a class of their own.  When it comes to the art of being über fabulous, these two wrote the manual and then tossed it away.

Darling Edina! Patsy sweetie! How I have longed to be your BFF – I don’t suppose you’d consider a ménage à trois? No…? I thought not. Guess I’ll just have to be content with the box set of your fabulous show whenever I want to feel close to you. Oh, but we could have had such fun…Never mind. Unlike you girls, I have to face reality (sigh).

Still, as your devoted über fan, I try to keep the spirit of fabulousness alive in my own modest way. You could say it’s my guiding principle in life. Every morning when I wake up I ask myself, How would Edina and Patsy start the day?

Of course, the first thing that pops into my mind is champagne. Sweetie darlings, I’d so love to have Bolly for breakfast, but sadly (me living in the real world and all), mostly I have to settle for a boring coffee instead. But sometimes, just sometimes, I think What the hell, I simply have to toast Edina and Patsy RIGHT NOW. And then out comes the bottle I’ve been saving up and I do exactly that.

Once Edina and Patsy have been properly toasted, I can hardly ignore them for the rest of the day, can I? That would be so wrong, completely out of whack with the spirit of fabulousness.

The next step is to select the outfit. Not having the Monsoon funds to draw on, nor Patsy’s magazine resources, I have to make do with what I’ve got. Here’s what I came up with on my last Absolutely Fabulous day. That’s a bird perched on my beret, in case you’re wondering.

Now I would (if I could) set off to Paris for the day, but I live in the wrong hemisphere. So I have to settle for lunch at my local French café, though it really isn’t quite the same. But I try my best, pretending to light a vintage Gauloise (remember those?) to the horror of all present. I’m not actually evicted but it’s close. The closest I can get to living dangerously like my idols.

I won’t bore you with the rest of my day, which is but a pale imitation of a Patsy-Edina escapade. But still, my spirits are gloriously lifted and I radiate the insouciance of a woman on the verge of behaving badly. And it’s not just the champagne haze that brings it on. By acting fabulous, I very nearly become fabulous, at least in my own mind.

I see absolutely no reason to stop this kind behaviour, even at my age. Edina and Patsy will be fabulous forever, so why shouldn’t I?

This feels like a good place to break off and break open the Bolly. Here’s to Edina and Patsy! Forever fabulous!

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