About Miss BB

“Women may be the one group that grows more radical with age.” – Gloria Steinem


Miss BB’s life so far has been the usual litany of the good, the bad and the ugly. Now she’s reached her sixties and has no idea how to behave.

Being the reflective type (some might call it “overthink”), she can’t help wondering how we’re supposed to deal with growing older and all that goes with it. Should we be brave? Should we say it’s just a mind thing? Should we shut up and get on with it?

So many questions. Are there any answers? Miss BB doesn’t know but that doesn’t stop her trying to find out. Miss Boom Baby is the site where all the digging and exploring takes place.

The biography

Chronologically, Miss BB was born in Africa (the south), grew up there, migrated to Europe in her twenties and returned to Africa in her thirties.  In her forties she migrated yet again, this time to the Antipodes, where she has remained ever since.

Aka Catherine to her intimate circles, she has enjoyed quite a chequered career. She started out as a fledgling lawyer and then moved on to publishing. In between there was a stint as production assistant on a movie set, which somehow segued into doing an ostrich impersonation. She’s always had a thing for ostriches, so this was an unexpected bonus.

The ostrich impersonation in wig.
The ostrich impersonation in wig.

Back in the publishing world, she wrote and edited on assorted magazines (mainly tabloid, no names mentioned). She has also edited some hefty academic tomes in her time.

Catherine started taking an interest in clothes at a young age, encouraged by a mother who dressed to be noticed at 100 paces. She hasn’t quite followed in her mother’s footsteps, having settled for just the occasional glance her way (hopefully admiring, but who knows?).

In the Sixties (the decade).
In the Sixties (the decade).

Catherine loves having a laugh and hopes that she may find some kindred spirits through this site. She also loves dance, books, her cat and other things perhaps best not mentioned here.

Now that she has surfaced as Miss Boom Baby, who knows what will happen?








2 thoughts on “About Miss BB”

  1. can you email me, I have an idea to run by you and I can’t see a contact page here. the email linked to my comment is fine, thank you! have a great weekend.

    I love your header. 🙂


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