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The odd thing about getting older

Quirky or eccentric?
Playful or peculiar?

Let me ask you a question. If someone called you “quirky”, would you regard it as a compliment? What about “eccentric”, “idiosyncratic” or “odd”? I know what I’d be thinking: quirky good, eccentric and the rest, not so much.

I have a point to make here, and it is this:  there’s a whole group of words all basically suggesting the unconventional. Yet some people are applauded for being different while others are dismissed as distinctly strange.

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How to be erotic at any age

Too sexay for my sheet.

Have you noticed that after a certain age there’s nothing sensuous or erotic about onscreen sex and nudity?  Rather, it reeks of irony, or even more disconcerting, downright ridicule. The few rare sightings of the unclothed older figure are either shown as a joke or an embarrassment. There’s this subtext: We’ve had our laughs, now do us a favour and put it away. Continue reading How to be erotic at any age