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Why life is a lot like jazz


I’m something of a jazz fan. Not an informed one who can tell their Basie from their Mingus and who thinks BC means Before Charlie (Parker). I’m more the kind of fan who matches the music to my mood. Right now, as I write, I’m listening to John Coltrane and Duke Ellington getting very sentimental. Taking my cue from the music, I’m so languid I could almost slide off my chair. Or gaze soulfully into a cocktail glass. Continue reading Why life is a lot like jazz

Why grey hair can be good hair

Going the grey hair way.
Going the grey way.

Hands up those of you who worship at the shrine of good hair. So that would be just about everyone, am I right? It’s a well-known fact that a woman and her hair are inextricably bound. A tangle that defies untangling. Continue reading Why grey hair can be good hair